About It Software

Today's Digital World is powered by computing devices and runs on Softwares, fuelled Information Technology (IT). A large part of our world is dependent on IT and software for its smooth operations and communications. The continuous demand for better software and technologies has created a wide scope in computer science and programming as a career and also, research and development.

IT and Software courses offer a wide array of career and growth opportunities in development, operations, research, maintenance, and analytics. Certification courses in IT and Software provide learning and training in programming and languages, device operations, network management, etc opening job prospects in the same.


You need basic computer skills and familiarity with the internet.

Participation in a LIVE class without enrollment is not possible. But, you can view the sample class recording.

Once your course has initiated, you can access it online at any time and anywhere. And, the instructor lead course can be accessed as per the given schedule.

Choosing an online course benefits an individual in many ways like one can get flexibility and a more comfortable learning environment and can also complete the entire course while in between jobs. Whereas, in offline training, one has to follow the schedule, and there is no flexibility.

Your instructor will be an industry expert having 10 -12 years of relevant experience.

If you miss your class as per schedule then you can:

It refers to the course you purchase maximum courses are within the time period of 15 days to 2 months. Apart, from it, we also offer the courses carrying up to 2 months to 9 months.

Yes, depending upon the course you purchase it can be online, instructor-led. Also, there can also be a project-based evaluation.

Yes, there is placement assistance depending upon the course you purchase with different services that will be offered. Moreover, we do provide featured profile; resume services, jobs on the move, etc.